House Debates

“University is a place where one should play gracefully with ideas” – Stephen Fry, addressing the Phil in December 2010.

Our weekly debates form the backbone of the Phil and are held in the Chamber at 7.30pm on Thursdays during term. Guests speak alongside students, for and against a motion, in a format which produces a balance of knowledge, passion and oratory. Members of the audience are encouraged to engage with the debate by offering ‘Points of Information’ to the speakers. At the end of the night All in attendance (the house) are given the opportunity to vote on whether the motion should be carried or defeated by shouting “Yea” or “Nay” in turn.

The past few years alone have seen guests as diverse as Sir Terry Pratchett, Philip ‘Doctor Death’ Nitschke, civil rights campaigner Nell McCafferty and pimp extraordinaire Dennis Hof grace our podium.   Those interested in speaking can contact Clare at secretary@tcdphil.com


Check out debate videos here



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